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BBC news have published an article highlighting the upcoming challenges for parliament, who are expected to announce plans to improve care in the upcoming weeks. 

The list, in brief, are as follows:

1. Problems are on the increase
Severe mental illness symptoms seems to be getting more common since the 1990s, with a steady increase recorded by the NHS. 

2. Women are now more likely to be affected
One in five women have reported having a mental illness, compared to one in seven men in England. 

3. Men are more likely to take their own lives
There are about 6,000 suicides in the UK each year and it is the biggest killer of men up to the age of 49. 

4. Mental health problems tend to start early
Most mental health problems develop in childhood or when a person is a young adult. Three-quarters of problems are established by the age of 24.

5. Mental health services are the poor relation when it comes to funding
An analysis last year by the Kind's Fund health think tank found 40% of mental health trusts in England had seen their budgets cut in 2015-16.

6. A nation of pill-poppers?
Drugs are still the most common form of treatment. With the number of medicines prescribed for mental health issues has more than doubled in 10 years.

7. More and more people are being detained
34% increase in detentions under the Mental Health Act in England since 2005-06.

8. A long way home
Last year a major report looked at the issue and pointed to thousands of people being sent more than 30 miles for services like acute care, rehab etc.

9. It's not all bad news
Number of times custody is used as a place of safety under the Mental Health Act in England & Wales has decreased by 54% in a year.

10. It's Time to Change
A public campain called Time to Change has helped change attitudes towards mental illness. With an increase in numbers of people saying they are willing to live with, work with and live nearby sufferers of mental ill health.

Article published by BBC News: 30th September 2017

To read the full article by BBC News then click here.

To learn more about the Time to Change campaign then click here.

If you suspect that you, or someone you know are subject to any form of Abuse, click here to see how to recognise and report.

If you are struggling with your mental health, or are supporting someone with a mental health issue, then click here to contact your local Mind or here for your local Samaritans.

Don't forget, Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board will be uploading further content such as news articles and upcoming events during the month of October to help raise awareness on Mental Health.



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