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There is no one type of Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit (MSPTU) have produced 3 informative posters on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. These posters will help you recognise the signs of exploitation of victims, the offender rationale and the types of exploitation methods that occur.

Fire Safety Guidance for Professionals and Carers

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue have worked alongside West Midlands to develop the 'Fire Safety Guidance for Professionals and Carers who work with Adults with Care and Support Needs'

The aims and objectives of this document and associated learning provides information in the following areas: -
> Identifying risk and vulnerability to fire
> The importance to include the risk of fire at initial assessment and care plan design
> When and how to refer to WFRS including what support and services are available

'Remove, Remove, Remove' advice sent to Warwickshire communities

It has been reported by the West Midlands police that hate letters, believed to be part of a national series, have continued to be received within the West Midlands. The content of these letters are identical and are derogative towards the Muslim community and police officers. In addition, two of these letters have contained a white powder substance.

Liberty Protection Safeguards - 5 things you need to know

On the 16th July, Parliament held it's first debate on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill in the House of Lords. During the session, peers discussed the government’s proposed Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) model, which will replace the current Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards system (DoLS) after the bill becomes law. The LPS is designed to provide a much less bureaucratic system than DoLS for authorising health and social care arrangements that involve a deprivation of liberty to which a person cannot consent.

Here are 5 key points you should know about LPS:

Warwickshire Trading Standards, what do they do?

Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board have begun including content into our 'Useful Information' section for adults, family, carers and professionals. 

We have asked Warwickshire Trading Standards team to input some useful information about what they do, and the good work they do for the community. The content includes important information, including a video created by Hereford Trading Standards and Citizens Advice on "How to Avoid Doorstep Crime and Rogue Traders", as well as two written case studies from Warwickshire Trading Standards which you may find useful.

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