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How to identify perpetrators of domestic abuse and coercive control

"Much practice and research is focused on working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse, rather than on perpetrators"

Community Care have released an article in regards to the lack of work being done around the perpertrators of domestic violence and abuse, stating that over half of the Serious Case Reviews carried out between 2011 and 2014 featured domestic abuse. With much of the practice and research focusing on the victim and survivor of the violence and abuse, not the perpertrators.

A guide has been written by Professor Nicole Westmarland, who is the director of Durham University's Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse, to inform Chidren and Adults on working with perpertrators of domestic violence and abuse. 

Mental Health: 10 charts on the scale of the problem - BBC News

The Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board will be conducting different 'news themes' each month, to highlight certain Safeguarding topics. In the month of October we will be promoting news articles, events, campaigns and information on Mental Health due to it being Mental Health Awareness Day on the 10th October.

So keep an eye out on the new Safeguarding Warwickshire website, to see if there are any Mental Health Awareness raising events in your area, any news articles to increase your own learning and interest on the subject, and any campaigns you could take part in.

We're starting the month off with an informative article by BBC News, highlighting the 10 charts on the scale of the problem of mental health.

Valuing the Vulnerable is the theme of the Director of Public Health Annual Report 2017 - Warwickshire News

Our partners at Warwickshire County Council have informed us of the news that the theme behind the Director of Public Health's annual report, which was released on Wednesday 6th September, is vulnerability and its impact on health and wellbeing.

The report, which is released annually by the Director of Public Health, informs local people about the health of their community, as well as providing necessary information for decision makers in the local public sector on health gaps, health inequalities and priorities that need to be addressed.

Why scamming is a core safeguarding issue for social work - Community Care

Community Care talk about the impact of financial scams have on the victim, and talk to two experts about how social workers should support victims.

Warning over power of attorney risks - BBC News

BBC News reports that a retired senior judge, Denzil Lush, has warned of the lack of safeguards in the power of attorney sysytem in England and Wales.

The dictionary describes a Power of Attorney as, "the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matter." A Power of Attorney is usually put in place when a person is no longer able to make such decisions.

A power of attorney can, Mr Lush warns, have a "devastating" effect on family relationships. In a new foreword to his book, he says the "lack of transparency causes suspicions and concerns which tend to rise in a crescendo and eventually explode".

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