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WSCB have designed this 2 day training course for staff from a cross section of teams, services and organisations who will/regularly attend Child Protection Conferences and Core Groups.  It is aimed at practitioners where they will be expected to contribute to multi-agency child protection assessment and planning.  For example, Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs - Education), Health, Youth Justice, Social Workers, Family Support Workers, charitable/voluntary services where appropriate.   

Evaluation feedback gathered from delegates who accessed the training last year have highlighted:

"Great course, this would have been beneficial to do at the beginning of your ASYE"
"The group activities with multi-agencies is really useful, you gain a great understanding of other agencies roles"
"Legal process information, handouts very useful and referring to research"
"All of it was useful and beneficial to me, I found discussing the initial process and PLO process extremely useful.  I feel more confident because of this training"
"Get all newly qualified Social Workers to complete this in their 1st month of employment"
"Good to have such a varied, cross section of agencies represented on the course as it was invaluable to explore the different perspectives/roles"
"Helpful and insightful training"

When asked to benchmark their current understanding of child protection and core group working, delegates at the start of the training averaged a score of 3.5 out of a possible 6.  Upon completion of the training, delegates confidence increased to an average score of 5 out of 6.

All booking for the course will need to be made using WILMA.  In cases of any difficulties, please contact the WSCB Business Support team on 01926 742379.  For full course details, please click here or alternatively access the WSCB Training Directory 2018-2019.

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