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NEW Children and Families Front Door to replace Warwickshire MASH

09.09.2020 EssBehav Icon eSig1

What has changed?

Warwickshire is introducing a new integrated front door replacing the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) as the first point of contact for safeguarding concerns for children and young people.

The Children and Families Front Door (Front Door), which officially goes live on Tuesday 28th September, will bring together Early Help and Children’s Social Care to ensure children and young people receive the right support at the right time. The Front Door will incorporate the MASH function and will include additional partners including Change Grow Live (Drug and Alcohol) and Refuge (IDVA) alongside long-standing partners such as Warwickshire Police and Health. With further developments planned to include RISE (CAMHS).

The Front Door will ensure that all enquiries and contacts (MAC) are triaged upon receipt and directed to the appropriate service within the Front Door to support with the query, providing a seamless process with children receiving a service proportionate to their needs in a timely way.

This expertise of the Front Door comprises of Early Help Professionals, Child and Family Advisors, Social Workers, Team Managers alongside multi-agency partners integrated within the Front Door and some ‘virtual’ partners for information sharing.

Telephone Number: 01926 414144 and includes options for FIS (Option 1), EH Support Line (Option 2) and Safeguarding (Option 3)

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (The previous MASH email address continues to be monitored and will be phased out over time)


Why have we changed?

The new Front Door approach will allow Early Help, Social Care and key partners to provide a holistic view at the front door of the child/family. The focus is on ensuring the right support can be put in place in a timely way.

Children will only enter the MASH, within the Front Door, if the threshold is not clear from the initial screening or the concerns are for ‘significant harm’. The aim is to support children more quickly receive the right level of support without the need for extensive checks, delays and multiple contacts.

By having a dedicated triage hub focussing on the enquiries and referrals at first point of contact we can become more effective and efficient with the services we deliver and provide better support to referrers.

What does it mean for me?

An improved service offering more timely support.

The changes have been phased in and there is no big change on the launch date. The Telephone Number remains the same and although the email address has changed, the previous MASH one continues to be monitored in the interim. Our MAC form continues to be the same, other than the change of name and logo.

If you play a role within safeguarding within your agency please share the changes with your colleagues. If you have any queries about the new arrangements, please contact Claire Reynolds, Front Door Operations Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

What does it mean for the children and families?

Children and families will receive the right level of support in a timely way to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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