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Learning from Local and National Reviews

To keep improving with our Safeguarding methods we must attempt to learn from previous mistakes that have been made. A good way of doing this is by looking at lessons learned from local, regional and national Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) and how these may be applied locally, to avoid similar incidents occurring within our localities.

Below are some examples of National and Local reviews for your reference:

Hull Safeguarding Adults Board has collated Case Studies over a period of ten years from across the country and created this informative report. Click here to read.

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board has put together a series of SARs/SCRs from across the country. Click here to read them.

A Safeguarding Adult Review has been undertaken in relation to the case of ‘Peter’ published September 2020.

Please see below the full report and a statement issued by Warwickshire Safeguarding Partnership:

'Peter' Safeguarding Adult Review - Full Report
'Peter' Safeguarding Adult Review - WSP Statement

This is a Serious Case Report regarding the murder of a young lady called Gemma Hayter in 2010. Click here to read the report summary and here to read the action plan made after the SCR was completed.


Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) provide a process for all partner agencies to identify the lessons that can be learned from particularly complex or serious safeguarding adults cases, where an adult in vulnerable circumstances has died or been seriously injured and abuse or neglect has been suspected.

The SAR process provides an opportunity for extended learning beyond single organisations, to allow changes/improvements to be made in policy, practice and procedures, where identified.

The SAR protocol and guidance has been developed to help provide further clarity and definition of the roles, responsibilities and processes for undertaking a SAR; and improve awareness, understanding and confidence in the use of the review process, as a means of extended learning.

For a word-version of the SAR referral form please contact the Warwickshire Safeguarding Business Team via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Download: SAR Referral Form (PDF version)WS SARs Protocol and Guidance v4.0


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