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We all have access to the internet, wherever we go!  

Lots of us are all now using mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers at home or school/college, games consoles; all of which we use to get access online.  However we access it and use it, it is important to understand how to keep yourself safe online.

There are so many different ways that you can find out about staying safe online, your school being one which can provide you with loads of helpful information and advice.  You can also click on any of the links below to other websites, helping you to find out more about using the internet safely, whilst still having fun.  All the websites that we have included have been designed specifically for different ages of children and young people, just click on the one that matches your age.

Links to other websites (to access click on the link)

5 - 7 years old - Thinkuknow

8 - 10 years old - Thinkuknow

5 - 11 years old - Childnet

11 - 13 years old - Thinkuknow

14+ years old - Thinkuknow

11 - 16 years old - Childnet

A short film has been produced by students at King Edward VI College In Nuneaton with PCSO Carly Davies from Warwickshire's Police Youth Engagement Team to show the dangers of 'sexting'.  To watch the film, click here.

New 'Questions' feature on Instagram (July 2018)
Instagram have recently introduced 'Questions' - the latest feature on the photo sharing app.  Click this link to find out about this new feature and how to make sure you are aware about it.

Need to talk to someone?
You can always call Childline at any time or visit their website, if you ever need to talk to someone in confidence.  If you are worried about the behaviour of someone else or another adult online, Childline will be able to offer you advice or perhaps you could speak to someone that you can talk to, maybe it's a friend, a parent, a Teacher or another member of staff member at school.

Childline - call 0800 1111 or visit their website by clicking here.

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