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The digital world is constantly changing.  Many children now own or have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop/PC and games consoles, each linking to the internet.  Schools work with children raising awareness and understanding of how to use the internet safely.  As parents and carers, it is also important to know how to encourage children to stay safe online or where to go if and when you need further advice.  

There are organisations that provide parents and carers with lots of information, guidance and helpful tools, raising awareness of how to keep your child safe.  Recommended websites are noted below.    

You can also find additional resources and information within the 'I am a child/young person' section of this website.  Included are links to websites which have been designed with children in mind, providing useful information and age related activity based resources.  

Cyber Safe in Warwickshire 
In Warwickshire, partner agencies are working together to protect residents from cyber crime.  The Cyber Safe Warwickshire website provide advice and information on what to do and what local support is available if you or someone in your family has been affected by a range of online crimes such as fraud, harassment, bullying and abuse.  You can also sign up to recieve regular alerts on the latest cyber threats.  To access the Cyber Safe Warwickshire website, please click here. 

Parents can also access a free 2 hour training session, Online Grooming - Keeping your family safe.  The session discusses how young people are targeted online by groomers and befriended.  The second part of the session is delivered by the Community Safety team's Cyber Crime Advisers who make parents aware of some of the websites young people may be accessing, the dangers around these and how to add security settings to technology in the home, to keep children safe.   

For further information including how to book and future training dates, click here 

Further research for parents and carers  
The NSPCC provide comprehensive e-safety information for parents and carers as well advice about how to talk with your children, helping them manage what they share online.  This advice is published on their website: 

NSPCC – Keeping children safe online.

NSPCC Share Aware - e-safety resources for parents and young people

Internet Matters

Internet Matters/parental-controls - protecting children with simple restrictions and parental controls

Facebook/stayingsafeonline - a facebook page for parents in Warwickshire and Coventry



New research and reports
July 2018 -  
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) have released findings from a survey completed by Mumsnet and Gransnet looking at the concerns of parents and grandparents about their children's internet use.  The review the report findings, click here

Use of Slang / Emojis – Have you ever come across slang and/or emojis that you don’t recognise or understand? The following links provide you with a dictionary of both to help you understand the language people may be using to help you to safeguard them:

Online Safeguarding – ‘What is the Dark Web?’
Understanding a young person’s internet use is an integral part of safeguarding and supporting them. Many young people view their digital self as an extension of their identity and sense of self. Therefore, it’s crucial that we are supporting young people digitally. This paper provides some key pointers for professionals working with young people.

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