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Quarterly News Bulletin

Welcome to Warwickshire Safeguarding’s quarterly news bulletin. The news bulletin has been designed to introduce you to relevant pieces of information which can be accessed in more detail via the links embedded within each of the articles. We will be producing the bulletins on a quarterly basis here onwards to:

1. Promote learning from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPRs) and Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) which supports improvement in practice
2. Inform you of any changes/updates to safeguarding policy and procedures; and
3. Publicise forthcoming safeguarding events and seminars across the partnership

We hope you find the information helpful. Please do take the time to read this and help us to promote these bulletins across your respective organisations.

Warwickshire Safeguarding; Exploitation Strategy (2020-2023)

Tackling the Exploitation of Children and Adults in Warwickshire

The safeguarding of children, young people and adults with care and support needs from the psychological and physical harm caused by exploitation is a priority for Warwickshire Safeguarding.

A multi-agency and collaborative view of safeguarding is required when considering exploitation, therefore this strategy crosses the domains of sexual exploitation, missing children, gangs, criminal exploitation, organised crime, cuckooing, trafficking, hate crime and prevent/extremism.

This document provides the strategic framework to further develop and strengthen our response in the identification, assessment and intervention of children, young people and adults with care and support needs who are experiencing or may be at risk of exploitation.

Information Sharing Agreement

The Warwickshire Safeguarding Information Sharing Agreement provides a framework to facilitate the appropriate sharing of information between the Warwickshire Safeguarding Partner Agencies in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults in Warwickshire and to protect them from harm.

The Information Sharing Agreement recognises that the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (together, the “Data Protection Legislation”) are not barriers to justified information sharing but rather ensure that information sharing is necessary, proportionate, relevant, adequate, accurate, timely and secure.

The Information Sharing Agreement recognises that information sharing decisions should be recorded by the disclosing Partner Agency.

To download a copy of the Agreement click here.

Quality Assurance Framework

Warwickshire Safeguarding’s new partnership arrangements published in June 2019 set out proposals for the scrutiny and assurance of safeguarding practice throughout Warwickshire, as illustrated below. This work will be delivered through the work of the Quality Learning and Improvement Hubs. These Hubs will provide independent scrutiny and challenge. The Hubs will use a range of methodologies to scrutinise and examine multi-agency practices which will be aligned to one of Warwickshire Safeguarding’s strategic priorities. They will consider successes and challenges, identify learning, make suggestions and recommendations for improvement and monitor the progress of these improvements to ensure they are embedded into future practice across partner agencies.

For more details about the new Quality Assurance Framework, please click on the link here.

QA framework


'Exploitation' - Warwickshire Safeguarding's first Strategic Thematic Review

As part of our new Quality Assurance Framework, Warwickshire Safeguarding has now completed its first Strategic Thematic Review on the topic of 'Exploitation' of children and adults. The final full report, which captures learning identified from single agency self-evaluations, case file audits, professionals surveys, conversations with professionals and service users. This has proved to be a very insightful and valuable exercise which has helped highlight areas of work which exemplify good practice, as well as, identify areas of work which require further development, both at multi-agency and single agency levels.

The responsibility for the delivery and oversight of the multi-agency summary action plan contained within this report will now sit with the Exploitation Subgroup, who will provide WSEB with regular updates on performance against these actions. To assist with the process of sharing and learning from this review we have also developed an Executive Summary which can be downloaded using the link below, along with a copy of the full report.

WS Strategic Thematic Review on 'Exploitation' - FULL REPORT / EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


Case Reviews

Safeguarding practice reviews

This page contains relevant information and guidance relating to case reviews published by Warwickshire Safeguarding.

Chapter 4 of the statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 places a duty on local safeguarding partnerships to undertake a rapid review for serious child safeguarding cases where:

  • Abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected; and
  • The child has died or been seriously harmed.

Serious harm includes (but is not limited to):

  • Serious and/or long-term impairment of a child's:
    1. Mental health; or
    2. Intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development; or
    3. Physical health

Rapid review

The purpose of a rapid review is to:

  • gather the facts about the case, as far as they can be readily established at the time
  • discuss whether there is any immediate action needed to ensure children’s safety and share any learning appropriately
  • consider the potential for identifying improvements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • decide what steps they should take next.

All agencies who have been involved with the subject child or family will be required to contribute to the rapid review. An initial scoping of agencies’ intervention will be completed and other relevant information will need to be rapidly gathered.

To support this, agencies are asked to produce an Individual Agency Summary.

The purpose of the initial scoping and information sharing is to gather the basic facts about the case, including determining the extent of agency involvement with the child and family.

More detailed information will be sought if the rapid review concludes the case has the potential to identify national or local learning and a decision is made to recommend a Child Safeguarding Practice Review, or an alternative Learning Review.

Although any agency can refer a case (see attached referral form) all notifications to Ofsted and the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel must come from the Local Authority.

Once the Local Authority notifies Ofsted, this becomes a rapid review referral and Warwickshire Safeguarding will be required to comply with the 15 day timeframe stipulated within Working Together 2018. Click here for an overview of the process.


The responsibility for learning lessons from serious child safeguarding incidents lies with the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel at a national level and safeguarding partners at a local level (local authorities, chief officers of police and clinical commissioning groups).

Within Warwickshire, the Safeguarding Reviews Subgroup leads this work at a local level.

Case Reviews

Below are links to the child safeguarding practice reviews (Formerly referred to as Serious Case Reviews, prior to the introduction of Working Together 2018) published by Warwickshire Safeguarding

A Serious Case Review has been undertaken in relation to the case of ‘Alice and Beth’.

Please see below for the full report and a statement issued by Warwickshire Safeguarding Partnership:

Alice and Beth Serious Case Review - Report
Alice and Beth Serious Case Review - WSP Statement

Alice and Beth - Lessons Learned Briefing
Professional Curiosity - 7-minute Briefing
Children moving across local authority boundaries - 7-minute Briefing

A Serious Case Review has been undertaken in relation to the case of 'Sophie'.

Please see below for the summary of the full report and its findings:

Final Report - WSCB SCR Sophie

A Serious Case Review has been undertaken in relation to the case of 'Child K'.

Please see below for the full report and its findings:

Final Report - WSCB Review Child K

A Serious Case Review has been undertaken in relation to the case of ‘Amy’.

Please see below for the full report and its findings:

Final Report - Learning from "Amy"

Amy - Lessons Learned Briefing

 Reports published prior to 2020 are available via the West Midlands Manual - please click here.

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