All WSCB training courses are designed for multi-agency audiences.  Our training programme offers a variety of training which continues to reflect the complexities involved with safeguarding chldren and is designed to support both staff who work directly with children and families, enhancing skills, and raise awareness for those who have mimimal contact.  

Training Directory
Details about each course, includinng aims and objectives are noted within an annual Training Directory, produced by WSCB.  To access, click here

Evaluating training
All practitioners attending the courses will be expected to complete training evaluation forms at the end of each course, before leaving the venue, in line with continuous improvement.  

WSCB will be developing their evaluation of training over the next few months and plan to implement a 12 week post training feedback form.  One of the aims of obtaining this feedback is to demonstrate how training is impacting on practice, it will be completed by the delegate and also their line manager.

Access to courses
All bookings for WSCB training courses are made using the learning platform, WILMa. For those employed outside of the county council please log in to and generate your own unique user ID and password.  If you would like assistance with this please contact Pat Convery (WSCB Administrator) 01926 742509.

Please be aware that applying for a course does not guarantee your place, you should in the first instance obtain the approval from your Line Manager.  In addition, all WSCB courses require a secondary authorisation from the WSCB which we automatically process, once you have applied for a course via WILMA.  This is to ensure that our courses have a balanced mix of multi-agencies in attendance.  

You will receive a notification when your place has been confirmed through WILMA.

All Individuals, who are booked to attend a course, have had their place confirmed and who are then unable to attend, must cancel their booking as soon as they become aware of this.  If it is felt that there were unavoidable circumstances contributing to the non-attendance then the delegate’s manager should contact Jackie Kerby, Interagency Learning & Improvement Officer, to discuss this.

Cancellations must be made to the following email address and copied to your line manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We cannot accept cancellations by telephone.

All charges will be levied to the participant’s agency or in the case of schools, the school.

WSCB multi-agency training is available free of charge to all statutory and non-statutory organisations, education providers and agencies working with Warwickshire children and/or those organisation who contribute to the running of the LSCB.

The WSCB ensures its training programmes are available for all agencies working with children, young people and families.  To ensure that these sessions are not misused and are prioritised, following confirmation of placement the charging policy has been amended to act as a protective measure.

The charges are set as a percentage of costs incurred through the place on the course being lost (i.e. resources, administration, room hire).

The charging policy for cancellations or non-attendance will be as follows:

Cancellation and non-attendance fees

  • Cancellation more than 10 working days in advance of the first date of the course will not result in a charge.
  • Cancellations between 10 and 1 working day in advance of the first date of the course will incur a charge of:

£80 - 2 day course

£40 - 1 day course

£20 - half day course

  • Less than 24hrs notice of cancellation and non-attendance will result in a charge of:

£160 - 2 day course

£80 - 1 day course

£40 - half day course

Waiver of the fee will be considered in relevant mitigating circumstance, please contact Jackie Kerby, Interagency Learning & Improvement Officer on 01926 742511 or 07769165484 to discuss.


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