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NEW The Children & Families and Education Services Safeguarding Training Programme 2021 now available

Click here to access Training

Included in this flyer are the following training courses:

1.   Early Help (Pathway to Change) Training
2.   Initial DSL Training
3.   DSL Refresher Training
4.   Reflective Supervision
5.   Importance of the Safeguarding Boards and Partnership briefings
6.   Prevent Training
7.   Consortia Training - Trauma sensitive
8.   Reducing Parental Conflict
9.   Effectively supporting the children of today in Schools
10. Solihull Approach 2-day Foundation course
11. Restorative Practice
12. Online Courses and guides: 
      a) Adverse Childhood Experiences
      b) Understanding Trauma
      c) Understanding Attachment
      d) E-learning Reducing Parental Confict
      e) For parent and carers
      f)  One Minute - Information guides 
13. Early Years please click on this link below.
14. Protective Behaviours
15. Safer Recruitment Training

​We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all participants in our training events.  
We feel certain that all delegates would share our expectation that nobody with any recognised potential symptom of Covid-19 would attend any training session under any circumstances, irrespective of how important it is for them to access the training.

Re: DSL CP Refresher
If you are unsure where you are on the training cycle (every two years minimum) then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01926 742601.

Re: Safer Employment Training NEW
We recommend this is updated between 3 and 4 years.  This training is now available from us please see flyer above.

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