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This page explains Child Protection Conferences, including information on who is able to attend and what will likely be discussed, as well as information regarding child protection plans and their function. 

Do you want to be part of the group of people who make decisions about your future? Then you probably have some questions about the conference you have been invited to.

It is a meeting of people directly concerned with you and your family such as Schools, Health, and Children Services to look at what has happened to you, and whether you need a plan to protect you in the future. The conference is managed by an independent person (Independent Chairperson) who is responsible for ensuring the conference is managed well and that the right decisions are made.

The other people who will be invited to the conference will be there as they provide important support to you and your family. This may be your teacher, health visitor, Doctor , social worker, and possibly a probation officer or police officer. The Social Worker will explain who will be at the conference and why that is.

It is important that your parents take part in the conference as they are responsible for looking after you, so their views are important. We will plan arrangements carefully so that you feel supported and comfortable in sharing your views. If you do not feel comfortable talking in front of your parents, we will find a way to manage this.

Only the people at the meeting and their managers. They must keep all the things they hear confidential, and they would be in serious trouble if they did not.

Yes, you can bring a trusted adult. However, there is an Advocacy Service whose role is to support young people who wish to take part in the Conference process. Your social worker should always ask you whether you want an advocate to support you and, if you do, will ensure that the Advocacy service is contacted.


For further information and support, we recommend downloading this helpful guide: "Going to a Child Protection Conference - A Guide for Young People in Warwickshire" Just click the title and it will download automatically.

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