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Warwickshire Safeguarding’s new partnership arrangements published in June 2019 set out proposals for the scrutiny and assurance of safeguarding practice throughout Warwickshire, as illustrated below. This work will be delivered through the work of the Quality Learning and Improvement Hubs. These Hubs will provide independent scrutiny and challenge. The Hubs will use a range of methodologies to scrutinise and examine multi-agency practices which will be aligned to one of Warwickshire Safeguarding’s strategic priorities. They will consider successes and challenges, identify learning, make suggestions and recommendations for improvement and monitor the progress of these improvements to ensure they are embedded into future practice across partner agencies.

For more details about the new Quality Assurance Framework, please click on the link here.

QA framework


'Exploitation' - Warwickshire Safeguarding's first Strategic Thematic Review

As part of our new Quality Assurance Framework, Warwickshire Safeguarding has now completed its first Strategic Thematic Review on the topic of 'Exploitation' of children and adults. The final full report, which captures learning identified from single agency self-evaluations, case file audits, professionals surveys, conversations with professionals and service users. This has proved to be a very insightful and valuable exercise which has helped highlight areas of work which exemplify good practice, as well as, identify areas of work which require further development, both at multi-agency and single agency levels.

The responsibility for the delivery and oversight of the multi-agency summary action plan contained within this report will now sit with the Exploitation Subgroup, who will provide WSEB with regular updates on performance against these actions. To assist with the process of sharing and learning from this review we have also developed an Executive Summary which can be downloaded using the link below, along with a copy of the full report.

WS Strategic Thematic Review on 'Exploitation' - FULL REPORT / EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


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