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The West Midlands region recognises that the main statutory agencies need to work together to promote safer communities and to deal with actual or suspected abuse.

Warwickshire, in collaboration with other local authorities within the region, has adopted the following multi-agency policy and procedures and guidance documents for the Protection of Adults with Care and Support needs in the West Midlands, to help ensure consistency of responses and a common approach to safeguarding.

These documents have been developed in consultation with health and social care representatives as well as representatives from partner agencies.

The West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedures for the protection of adults with care & support needs in the West Midlands document is a living document which will be updated regularly as both practice and policies develop, or to reflect any major changes introduced through legislation.

The following document details how the local authority and partner agencies will work together to fulfil the duties of the Care Act 2014; and set out how adult Safeguard concerns will be responded to when it appears to the local authority that an adult with care and support needs is experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, abuse or neglect.

For the full PDF file click here.


This document outlines the procedure and guidance for dealing with issues and concerns of self-neglect in relation to adults with care and support needs.

This procedure and guidance follows a broad Concern to Enquiry operational model as outlined in the West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, and should be read alongside that document.

For the full PDF file click here.

This document provides a high-level, overarching framework for the West Midlands region on the approach and process to follow when responding to allegations and concerns relating to people who work in a Position of Trust (PoT) with adults who have care and support needs. This document is directed at agencies and individuals who are “relevant partners” as defined in Section 6 of the Care Act 2014, and/or who are members of their local Safeguarding Adults Board.

For the full PDF file click here.

This is local guidance that should be read in conjunction with the West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.
This guidance covers how to recognise and what to do when you think an adult with care and support needs...

  • is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse and neglect...
  • and who, because of their care and support needs, is unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect.

Adult Safeguarding in Warwickshire Recognising and reporting guide - Full PDF document


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