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With affect from 1 June 2020 the Warwickshire Children’s Inter-agency Safeguarding Procedures manual has switched to a new host platform as per the link below.

Warwickshire Safeguarding has joined the West Midlands Regional Safeguarding Children's Procedures Manual. This enables Warwickshire to align its inter-agency safeguarding procedures with thirteen other Local Safeguarding Partnerships operating across the region.

The new procedures manual is organised as follows:

Level 1 procedures: reflect statutory guidance requirements (shared by all LSCPs in the consortium)
Level 2 policies and guidance: guidance for responding to particular groups of vulnerable children including links to supplementary guidance (shared by all LSCPs in the consortium)
Level 3 protocols, pathways and tools: local protocols, pathways and tools which direct practitioners to the specific action to be taken in their local LSCP area (it is intended that Level C guidance does not replicate Level A or Level B policies and procedures)

The Contents Page provides the full list of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 procedures for the local area selected. Practitioners should always check whether there is a Level 3 pathway to be followed in their Local Safeguarding Partnership area, as there are local area variations.

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