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This is the place where Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board will input information you may find useful in regards to Safeguarding in Warwickshire.

After reading some of the crime prevention booklets produced by the police, Christopher Langman, who has learning difficulties himself, wanted to help share the information with those who may find it hard to understand the advice, also including those who do not speak English as their first language.

Christopher was assisted in producing the booklet by his support worker Natalie Bull, who helped him translate the topics and lay them out in an easy-to-read format.

The Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board have happily agreed to share and support Christopher's work in the hopes that it will increase understanding on certain Safeguarding topics for those with learning disabilities or difficulties, as well as those who do not speak English as their first language.
To download a copy, just click on the below titles:


The aims and objectives of this document and associated learning provides information in the following areas: -
> Identifying risk and vulnerability to fire
> The importance to include the risk of fire at initial assessment and care plan design
> When and how to refer to WFRS including what support and services are available

Click here to download the Guidance.
Click here to read more about Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service.


Warwickshire Trading Standards Service: Protecting residents and local businesses from scams and frauds

Everyday, even in the safety of our own homes, we are all contacted by people trying to persuade us to part with our money. Some are honest and reputable, some are not. It can be very difficult to tell the difference.

We might get a knock at the door from someone offering to clean our gutters, fix a loose roof tile or resurface our driveway. Through the post we may receive prize draws, competition or lottery schemes requiring us to pay an upfront “admin fee” for our entry. When the phone rings it might be someone trying to sell PPI, solar panels or miracle health supplements. Even on the Internet we are constantly bombarded with bogus emails.

Warwickshire Trading Standards seeks to support local residents and businesses both by awareness raising and targeted enforcement action. Whilst we are all targeted by scams and fraudsters from time to time, most of us are able to identify the scam when we see it and deal with it accordingly. Unfortunately, a minority of vulnerable Warwickshire residents struggle to do this and therefore may be at a greater risk of falling for a scam or rogue trader. These vulnerable individuals are often targeted again and again.

To help protect vulnerable people living in Warwickshire, Trading Standards utilises a number of enforcement tools including a rapid response service, No Rogue Trader Zones and postal and telephone scam interventions to help those most at risk and in need.

Please watch this video by Hereford Trading Standards and Citizens Advice on "How to Avoid Doorstep Crime and Rogue Traders"

You can also read these Case Studies by Warwickshire Trading Standards of Door Step Crime and Scam Mail.


Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board have created an 'Easy Read Guide' on Keeping Adults Safe from Abuse and Nelgect. This guide is ideal for someone who's first language may not be English, or for someone with a learning disability, as this guide gives a basic outline of what Safeguarding means using visual representations. We hope you find this guide useful. Please click here to download it.


Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board have created informative flyers providing information on the different forms of abuse. We hope you find these flyers useful and eye-opening to the different forms of abuse. Please click here to download them. 


Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board have created a guidance for Councillors on Safeguarding Adults at risk of abuse or negect, to view it, click here.


Independent Age's free guides and factsheets are full of information to help you boost your income, find the care you need, remain independent, choose the right place to live, stay connected with others, and more.

To view and download these guides and factsheets, go to their website by clicking here.


EQuIP is the Equality and Inclusion Partnership, a charity working across Warwickshire to promote promote equality and diversity. They have been providing support, advice and training to Warwickshire for over 10 years. Formerly known as the Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership, EQuIP became the Equality and Inclusion Partnership in 2017, when they expanded their services to cover everyone who experiences discrimination.

They are a charity providing support, advice and training to people across Warwickshire to combat discrimination.They work alongside local groups, businesses and organisations, helping to build understanding and cohesion throughout the Warwickshire community through individual support and advice, group learning and tailored training courses.

To learn more about EQuIP and the great work they do within Warwickshire, then go to their website by click on the link; EQuIP


The Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit (MSPTU) have produced 3 informative posters which we would like to share with you, they are:

There is no one type of Modern Slavery

There is no one type of Modern Slavery Offender

There is no one type of Modern Slavery Victim

Please feel free to download these posters to put up in your workplace. For further information about Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, please go to our webpage by clicking here.




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