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Warwickshire County Council has a legal duty to identify children missing education (CME) and to make sure they return to education wherever possible.

Anyone with a concern that a child is missing education can make a referral to the Access to Education Team at Warwickshire County Council.  For further information, please access the Access to Education Team website.  

Warwickshire County Council Children Missing from Early Education (CMEE) - Guidance for early years providers (January 2022)

Whilst there is statutory guidance for local authorities regarding children of statutory school age who are missing from education there is no equivalent national guidance for children of non-statutory school age (under 5s).

This guidance had been developed to support all early years providers working with children aged from birth to five years.

It focuses on good practice in relation to children’s attendance and the action to take if a child:

• has one or more unexplained absences from the setting
• has attendance patterns which cause a concern, or
• a child ceases to attend the setting

If you have concerns that a child is a 'missing child' please contact Warwickshire Early Years Standards and Safeguarding Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download the January 2022 Guidance click here

To download the CMEE Referral Form click here.

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