Safeguarding arrangements for all Warwickshire schools during COVID-19 school closures

This article provides vital information on the safeguarding arrangements for all Warwickshire Schools during the COVID-19 school closures. 

Ofsted Annual Report 2018/19

Ofsted's Annual Report presents their findings for the areas they inspect in early years childcare, schools, further education and skills and social care.

Blind cords: Understanding the risks

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has published some useful information in regards to understanding the risks blind cords have on your child's safety.

Bruises on Children - Core Info Leaflet

How to identify bruises that may be the result of child abuse;

Bruising is the most common injury to a child who has been physically abused.

The 'Bruises on children' leaflet covers:

  • how to differentiate accidental from non-accidental bruises
  • common assumptions about bruising in children cannot be substantiated
  • when to be concerned that there's the possibility of child abuse or neglect

County Lines - new Home Office Guidance for Partners

As part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to tackle serious and violent crime, the Home Office has relaunched its County Lines awareness-raising campaign. Their campaign aims to raise awareness about County Lines among frontline staff, like teachers, health workers and those working in the transport, housing and security sectors. It is these people who are most likely to encounter those young people or individuals who are most at risk of County Lines.

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