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January Bulletin
December Bulletin
October Bulletin - Early Help 
August Bulletin 
July Bulletin - MASH updates
July Bulletin - Training information
June Bulletin - Spectrum of Support

Historic Bulletins
Bulletin 30 Emergency Contacts for Schools/Designated Safeguarding Leads
 - April 2020 
Bulletin 29 Model Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy COVID-19 Appendix 3
 - April 2020

Bulletin 28 Information Model CP Policy etc
Bulletin 27 Operation Encompas / ESS Training / Audit 2018-19
Bulletin 26 Further Updates KCSiE & model Policies 2018-19
Bulletin 25 Model CP Policy & Code of Conduct
Bulletin 24 PPT CP Trg 
Bulletin 23 ESS Training Flyer 2018-19
Bulletin 22 WSCB Advice - Oct 2017 

Bulletin 21 Retention of School Records - Aug 2017
Bulletin 20 Model CP Policy, Staff Conduct, Green Form & Yellow Form - Aug 2017
Bulletin 19 Locality Panels June 2017
Bulletin 18 ESS Training Flyer June 2017
Bulletin 17 Transfer of Files May 2017
Bulletin 16 Online Safety

Bulletin 15 LADO info and DfE transgender info Jan 2017
Bulletin 14 Single Assessment Dec 2016
ulletin 13 Model CP Policy and Sexual Imagery and Ofsted inspecting and DfE CME Sept 2016
Bulletin 12 Checks induction trg for Self Employed 26.07.16
Bulletin 11 Guidance on sexting 20.06.16
Bulletin 10 CAMHS and FGM Information 16.05.16
Bulletin 9 Return home interview children missing from home or care April 2016
Bulletin 8 CDOP information April 2016

Education Sub Committee Minutes October 2017
Education Sub Committee Minutes January 2018
Education Sub Committee Minutes April 2018
Education Sub  Committee Minutes October 2018
Education Sub Committee Minutes January 2019
Education Sub Committee Minutes October 2019
Education Sub Committee Minutes October 2020
Education Sub Committee Minutes February 2021




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