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The internet is a wonderful resource that you, and your friends, will have access to via your smartphone, tablet, laptop/PC and games consoles, each linking to the internet. Sometimes the internet can be used by people to try and cause children harm or distress. These websites provide information and advice to ensure you can continue to enjoy using the internet safely.

  • Online grooming is when someone, who you may o may not know, uses the internet to trick, force or pressure a young person into doing something they don’t want to do. This is wrong.
  • Someone who’s grooming others online will sometimes build their trust so it’s not easy to know if someone’s trying to groom you. These websites provides information and advice to help.

Here are some examples of what you might be worried about:

  • Someone online has asked me to send them images I don’t want to share
  • I shared images with someone online and they are threatening me
  • Someone I don't know is asking me to live-stream and do things I don't want to do
  • Someone online kept asking me to meet them face-to-face and I feel pressured by them
  • Someone online was talking to me about sex and it made me feel uncomfortable
  • Someone online is putting pressure on me to do things I don't want to do
  • Someone keeps trying to talk to me on my own and I don’t want to
  • Someone is posting threatening and unpleasant messages about me online
  • Someone is sharing or tagging embarrassing images or videos of me without my permission
  • Someone is leaving racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist comments on my profile pages
  • Someone is making unpleasant jokes or status updates about me and I am not ‘in on the joke
  • Someone is sending messages pushing me to engage in sexual acts
  • Someone is showing me pornographic pictures or videos, or sending me unwanted sexual images
  • Someone is posting sexual comments, pictures or videos about me online

Sexting’ is a word used to describe sending sexual messages and photos (referred to as ‘nude selfies’ or ‘nudes’), often using a mobile phone. The word is a mix of the words ‘sex’ and texting’, but can happen on a variety of digital platforms and devices.
But it’s important to know that once you send or upload an image or video, you lose all control over it. Everything you share could be sent on or uploaded and potentially seen by anyone, including your friends and family, and total strangers. With apps like Snapchat people can take screenshots and capture your image on their phone. Those messages, images or video could potentially exist forever and could resurface when you least expect it, such as when applying for a job or for university

  • It can be hard to know when extreme views become something dangerous. And the signs of radicalisation aren't always obvious.
  • It might be nothing, it might be something. But whatever you're worried about, this website can provide information and advice

  • Most people use social media to stay connected with friends and have fun. However, there are people who don't play by the same rules, and use it as a platform to offend people or cause them harm.
  • Don't let these users ruin your experience, but make sure that you do what you can to stay safe.

  • Sexual exploitation can start and stay online.
  • There are people who use the internet to groom by trawling social media and gaming sites looking for people to target and exploit.
  • They might hide their true age, gender and identity. They may try and meet up with the young person face to face or may encourage them to send sexual images/videos of themselves. They might offer gifts, game codes or flattering messages in return.


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