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Due to the increasing pressures on services, it can be difficult to release staff to attend training. In order to encourage continuous learning and maintain a skilled workforce, Warwickshire Safeguarding have introduced 7-minute briefings as a quick and simple way to share learning on a range of safeguarding topics.

7-minute briefings are based on a technique borrowed from the FBI. In a world of increasing pressures and demands on time, it can be hard to find the time for learning and development. Learning for seven minutes is manageable in most services, and learning is more memorable as it is simple and not clouded by other issues and pressures.

Clearly such short briefings will not have all the answers, but it is hoped that they will act as a catalyst to help teams and their managers to discuss and reflect on their practice and systems.

We encourage all agencies to record or evidence how they have used our 7-minute briefings on the 7-Minute Briefing Action Plan Template, which we will seek to gain copies of for the purposes of Warwickshire Safeguarding’s regular quality assurance audits. If you would prefer a word version of the template, then please email the Warwickshire Safeguarding business team.

To find out more, please read our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

The briefings can be downloaded below*. Text only briefings are also available.

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